Price: $250

State: Oklahoma
City: Clearview
Zip code: 74880
Type: Pets

Parents/Grandparents/Outsourced Males on Free Range land same location for 12 years, puppies only sold sparingly as parents are working to prevent ANY PREDITOR two-four legged from causing any problems for home/ranch. ALL GENERATIONS VIEWED ONSITE OR IN PICTURES. Puppies are raised in house and wormed and first shot before they leave ranch
Female Alpha 200lbs (weight probable) puppy available $500 pure silver, RARE! One litter will return your monetary outlay can have litter about age 2yrs.
Male Alpha 225lbs (weight probable) puppy available $500 masked huge neck! Can be used as stud because of size - 2yrs old start breeding.
Animals have no faults; do not roam, do not have dysplasia/hip, all relatives (8) can be observed from ages of 7mths to 9 years onsite.
Phone video available, email pictures available, also in current Oklahoma-Bargain-Barn-journal with pictures. Will answer any and all questions. Handled dogs since a child, had puppies since . Paperwork and warranty included with each puppy.
All puppies have double-dewed back paws, eyeslined black these are indications or Pure blood line.
These are the biggest puppies we have had in years. The other male and females should top out at 180lbs both masked. Masked puppies usually become lighter as they get older $259 each.